We are now sharing with you in digital space our new exhibition “Into Nature with Schönberg.” Every day a representative object will be presented with explanations in German and English. Links lead to texts, pictures, audio content, and videos which contextualize the objects from the exhibit.

The exhibition itself is the starting point. The Viennese photographer Hertha Hurnaus, the first and so far the only guest of the exhibit, has photographed it for us. Most of the objects in the exhibit, curated by Therese Muxeneder and architecturally visualized by Jochen Koppensteiner, belong to the collection of the Arnold Schönberg Center. Christoph Edtmayr is responsible for the digital realization.

Follow us in the near future and accompany us into nature with Arnold Schönberg.

Object #1, Arnold Schönberg’s “Nocturne” from 1910, can be accessed here.